Terms of Service

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Conditions of Service

Last Updated: on June 23, 2024

You accept responsibility for adhering to the following Terms of Service by visiting and using our website. When using our platform, please carefully read these terms. You must not use our services if you disagree with these terms.

Minimum Age Requirement

To utilise our services, you have to be at least eighteen years old. You certify that you are at least eighteen years old by using our platform.

Uploads and Removals of Content

Uploading content that is rude, abusive, or against the law is forbidden.

Plagiarism and duplicate content are not permitted.

It is completely forbidden to publish deceptive content that misrepresents the true nature of the script.

Uploading scripts intended for nefarious purposes is not allowed at all.

Uploads of scripts that lack functionality or are of poor quality are not permitted.

A script or comment that has been deleted cannot be recovered. Make sure your submissions follow our policies.

Scripts behind a paywall can only be posted by verified creators. Verified creators are required to use the designated option in the upload panel to label their paid scripts as "paid". A paid script could be removed and your account could be suspended if it is not marked appropriately.

In the description of their script, creators must include a disclaimer outlining what user data—such as IP addresses, account names, device info, etc.

User Behaviour

It is strictly forbidden to engage in any negative activity that targets others, including racism, hate speech, harassment, or doxxing.

Serious consequences will follow from any attempt to compromise our website, including DDoS assaults, botting, and security hole exploits.

It's not permitted to spam comments or evade character limits.

Except for post descriptions, users are not permitted to place unlawful links or ads anywhere on the website.

Markdown and Content Layouting

It is required of users to use markdown features sensibly and refrain from adding improper, harmful, graphic, or explicit information.

Links to NSFW content and other off-site content that violates our terms of service are prohibited.

Overarching Guidelines

The only people accountable for their behaviour on our platform are the users.

Any content that breaches our conditions may be removed or access to it may be restricted by us.

Users are required to abide by all relevant laws and rules.

It is the user's obligation to keep track of any changes to these conditions as we reserve the right to amend or update them at any time.

Revocation of Legal Action

Accepting these Terms of Service means that you give up any legal action you may have against our site, its owners, operators, and connected companies, including but not limited to lawsuits.

Users agree that our platform will decide whether to use arbitration or another form of alternative dispute resolution to settle any disputes or disagreements.

This disclaimer covers any and all claims resulting from using our services, from infringing content, or from using our platform in any way.

Users acknowledge that this clause is an essential component of these terms of service, and they understand that rejecting it could mean having your access to our services terminated.


Penalties for breaking these rules could include, but are not limited to, account deletion or a temporary/permanent suspension.

If someone uses our platform to carry out malicious activity, we might file a lawsuit against them.

You understand and accept these Terms of Service by using our services.